Monday, June 27, 2011

First Love Story

As you know, the most important thing in life is living as a Muslim and dying as a Muslim. Prophet Muhammad said which means: “no one enters hellfire if he’s a believer”
and the believer is the one who believed in Allah the true belief and believed in Prophet Muhammad the true Belief. Even if he did not pray and committed sins other than Kuffur, he is still a believer as long as he does not blaspheme in Allah, and he dies on that belief.
Once a Muslim young man loved a Christian girl, they wanted to get married but her parents would not accept because he was a Muslim! It was a big dilemma for them! But they both loved each other sincerely and thought nothing should separate them.
One day, the Muslim man got very ill and was dying, he was on the death bed. A friend of his was beside him, he told him: Say Shahadah, say La Ilaha Illa llah Muhammadun Rasulullah, but the Muslim man didn’t say it, he cried and told his friend: I’m afraid that if I die as Muslim I will not find my beloved in the hereafter!! So I want to become Christian hopefully I will meet her in the hereafter!! And he became Christian!! He came out of Islam, he became a murtad! And right after he went out of Islam he died! So he died as a non-Muslim.
The girl that he used to love came asking about her lover, she found his friend, she asked him: Have you seen that person (her lover)? He sadly told her that he died! But he did not tell her that he went out of Islam (Apostated). She was very sad and cried, and said: I fear not to meet him in the hereafter, So I bear witness that there’s no God except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah! She embraced Islam! Later on she died, and died as a Muslim and her lover had died as a non-Muslim, she won Paradise and lost him, and he lost her and lost paradise and got hellfire.
Subhanallah, the wisdom behind this story is for one to remain steadfast onto Islam and keep the intention in the heart that I will live all my life on Islam and to stay patient over the hardships and calamities, and Allah will reward tremendously. We ask Allah to keep us stead fast to Islam, wal Hamdulillah.

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